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To choose the perfect accessory in the shortest time, it is necessary to organize the jewelry so that we can see the maximum possible at a glance.

Many times, when we have our jewelry disorganized, we do not know what we have to create our best looks or, it can also happen that we buy very similar pieces because we forget the ones we have. In addition, necklaces can very easily become tangled, causing jewelry to break.

If the first tip for organizing your jewelry is to keep it clean, in this post we are going to tell you the ways and tricks necessary to keep it organized. To choose the perfect accessory in the shortest time, it is necessary to organize the jewelry so that we can see the maximum possible at a glance. To do this, we offer you two tips:

  • Separate your jewelry into two areas, so that in one part we will put the jewelry that we use most in our daily lives and we will store them in a place that we have easy access to. On the other hand, there will be the jewelry that we use for those more special events, or for more specific situations, stored in a slightly more secluded place: back of the closet, last drawers,...
  • Another of the tricks that it girls do the most is to separate the pieces by the type of jewelry, on one side the necklaces, on the other the earrings, bracelets, piercings,...

But, just these two tricks are not enough: showing off your jewelry at home is a good way to decorate. And not only do they give a new look to the look of your house, but they also help keep them tidy. We leave you several ideas to achieve it and always show off your jewelry!


Who said jewelers had to be on the table? You can always opt for a wall jewelry box where you will have everything organized and that can serve as decoration. Remembering one of our previous tips, it can be a good place to organize your pendants. Another tip is that if you have an old frame you can reuse it and make a very DIY earring holder painting with thread. It's a great way to place them and easily choose which one to wear at any given time.


Having jewelry on display is a new trend, but there are also people who choose to store it in a more traditional way, in jewelry boxes or drawers. Therefore, whatever your option, there must be a specific place to store them: in their original case, in a large jewelry box where you organize your jewelry, a drawer in your room,...


The best way to ensure an ideal look is always with your jewelry. And, so that they always accompany you, what better way than to have them travel with you. Our favorite option is a small jewelry box that you can always carry and that also has separate compartments to avoid scratching the jewelry or the chains getting tangled together.

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