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Women enjoy our femininity through objects that we all share as the same language. Shoes, purses and jewelry are extensions of ourselves. The senses are always alert to the small details that make the difference.

Whether for an outing with friends, a romantic dinner or simply to go to work, we can use many accessories and complements in our outfit. Accessories will always make us show off our natural beauty without any fear. We know that there are various styles in accessories, and even more so when it comes to jewelry: we can identify that there are youthful and striking styles, simple, more formal, with geometric shapes,... It is based on this range of alternatives that we must choose daily to make our daily lives more beautiful. However, despite the variety, there are a series of tips that we must take into account when choosing our accessories:


Firstly, you must consider that an accessory has a function and this makes it “logical”; That is, you will not try to achieve a certain image by wearing gloves in summer or a belt that has nothing to stop. Many times its function can be to decorate and highlight, but that is precisely when we must take into account the following two aspects.


One aspect that prevents us from making mistakes is that, when creating our selection of accessories, everything we wear must match and within this it is possible to establish contrast. We mean that your shoes, bag and earrings match in color and textures. Combining several colors can be an option; but only for those who are more daring and who know they are going to shine. A very fashionable option to show off various colors within our accessories is jewelry with multicolored zircons.


Although using accessories allows us to achieve that “distinctive touch” that we often want to accentuate, we should not abuse the amount of them in relation to the clothes we wear. We must consider that accessories also have limited use. An example of this is the choice we make in our jewelry, for which we believe it is necessary to rely on simplicity and minimalism with jewelry that is suitable for everyday use, eternal and timeless designs.


Ultimately, we recommend that you analyze what image you want to project that matches your personality and your needs based on your daily life. It is always better to invest in what makes you feel faithful and comfortable with yourself, knowing that they will be accessories that you can wear for a long time and for different occasions. Beauty lies in simplicity.

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