They make Luxenter a brand with its own identity that looks to the future without leaving its origins behind.

We create jewelry marked by dedication and modern style that adapts to every occasion and every woman.



In the seventies, Carmen Lizariturri moved to Africa, following in her husband's footsteps. His passion for jewelry led him to deepen his knowledge in gemology and he studied with prestigious professionals in Paris. Thus, in the eighties he began his entrepreneurial adventure, from the African continent, importing raw materials. His company would soon become a benchmark in the world of jewelry.

Carmen's next step was to enter the world of design, with the desire to create a jewelry brand accessible to all types of audiences. Thus, in 1972, the first lines of the Luxenter brand were written.

Luxenter designs have evolved over the years. Inspired by fashion trends to create timeless jewelry, today we are a global company present in 16 countries and 1,200 points of sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

" The story of Luxenter is the story of my life, and the realization of a purpose: To make jewelry accessible to all audiences. It is a project that reflects all my enthusiasm in making Luxenter a solid company with great international projection. "

- Carmen Lizarriturri, founder of Luxenter


At Luxenter we are in charge of the design , production , marketing and distribution of jewelry.

Each phase of the process is supervised by a great team of professionals whose main objective is to create the best shopping experience for our consumers. Our purpose is to create jewelry that is accessible to all audiences, and that all people who wear our creations feel special.

Teamwork is essential at Luxenter to achieve successful, high-quality results. Our team of highly trained professionals passionate about jewelry collaborate closely and coordinated to create unique and extraordinary pieces.

Each team member brings specific experience and knowledge, whether in design, manufacturing, polishing, gemstone setting or quality control. We work together, sharing ideas and knowledge , to overcome challenges and achieve the highest standards of excellence.