Luxenter is committed to sustainability and has developed a comprehensive plan to address the environmental, social and economic challenges of our industry.

Our sustainability plan focuses on the following aspects:

Responsible Supply

We establish strong relationships with ethical and certified suppliers, who follow responsible sourcing practices for precious materials and gemstones.

We ensure that all materials used in our jewelry are traceable, respecting human rights and avoiding the trade of illegal materials or materials of dubious origin.

We encourage transparency in our supply chain and seek collaborations with organizations that promote ethics and sustainability in mining and the jewelry trade.

We implement efficient technologies and processes to optimize the use of natural resources, such as water and energy.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

We implement sustainable manufacturing and design practices to minimize our impact on the environment.

We use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible.

We seek to reduce waste generation and promote recycling in our operations.

Innovation in Sustainable Design

We strive to create durable, timeless jewelry, avoiding ephemeral trends and encouraging reuse and recycling.

We seek to use advanced manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, to reduce material waste and improve production efficiency.

We explore the use of alternative and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled metals and lab-grown gems, without compromising the quality and beauty of our pieces.

Social responsability

We foster a safe and fair work environment for our employees, respecting labor rights and promoting diversity and inclusion.

We collaborate with local organizations and communities to promote sustainable development initiatives and support those in vulnerable situations.

We actively participate in social programs and projects that promote the well-being of the communities and the care of the environment in which we operate.

Transparency and Communication

We are committed to being transparent in our sustainable practices and sharing relevant information with our entire environment.

We maintain open communication with our customers, informing them about our sustainability efforts and giving them the opportunity to make informed and responsible decisions when choosing our jewelry.

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This sustainability plan is a guide for our actions and drives us to constantly seek new opportunities to improve and generate a positive impact in the world of jewelry. We are committed to being leaders in sustainability and contributing to the development of a more responsible and conscious jewelry industry.


At Luxenter, we are committed to implementing a comprehensive recycling plan that allows us to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability in our industry. Our recycling plan focuses on the following aspects:

Precious metals

We promote the recycling of precious metals, such as gold and silver, used in the manufacture of our jewelry. These materials are sent to companies specialized in recycling precious metals for treatment and reuse in new products.

Recyclable Packaging

Our boxes and bags are 100% recyclable and use only FSC paper to be more environmentally friendly. We also use a paperless shipping system to save over 1 million sheets of A4 paper per year.


We establish a material collection and classification system to guarantee that the waste generated in our production is properly separated and recycled.


We implemented the jewelry buyback program, called “Recycle your Jewelry,” where customers can hand in their old jewelry and receive a discount on the purchase of new pieces, promoting circularity in the life cycle of jewelry. This service will be available from November 2023.


We encourage the reuse of disused jewelry. We offer repair and renovation services so customers can breathe new life into their old or damaged jewelry instead of throwing it away.


We carry out awareness campaigns aimed at our employees, clients and suppliers about the importance of recycling and reuse in the jewelry industry.

We provide clear, accessible information on how to properly recycle jewelry and associated materials, including recycling guides and shipping options for customers who wish to dispose of their jewelry responsibly.


We establish alliances with organizations and companies specialized in the recycling of jewelry and precious metals, ensuring that materials are treated ethically and sustainably.

We participate in industry initiatives and programs that promote the circular economy and jewelry recycling, sharing knowledge and best practices with other players in the sector.


We establish key performance indicators related to recycling and regularly monitor our progress to identify opportunities for improvement.

We conduct internal and external audits to evaluate the effectiveness of our recycling plan and adjust it as necessary.


At Luxenter, we are committed to promoting equal opportunities and non-discrimination in all areas of our organization. Our equality plan aims to guarantee that all people who are part of our company, regardless of their gender, have the same opportunities for development, growth and participation.


We establish clear and transparent policies that prohibit any form of discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment based on gender.

We implement effective procedures to report and address cases of discrimination or harassment, ensuring confidentiality and respect for the people involved.


We implement measures to facilitate the reconciliation of work and personal life, such as flexible schedules, teleworking or parenting support programs.

We promote a healthy and respectful work environment that values ​​and recognizes the personal responsibilities and needs of each employee.


We promote equal opportunities in the hiring, promotion and training processes, based on the merits and capabilities of people without any type of gender bias.

We encourage diversity at all levels of the organization, promoting the active participation of women in leadership and decision-making roles.


We carry out awareness and training programs on gender equality and diversity, to promote awareness and respect for differences.

We encourage the participation of all employees in initiatives related to gender equality, such as work groups or diversity committees.


We carry out regular evaluations to measure the impact of our equality policies and take corrective action if necessary.

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue with our employees, encouraging feedback and active participation in the continuous improvement of the equality plan.

Our equality plan reflects our commitment to gender equality and building an inclusive work environment, where all people feel valued and respected.

We are committed to eliminating any barrier that limits the professional and personal development of our employees,

promoting equal opportunities at all levels of the organization and creating a work environment in which all voices are heard and respected.