We dream of women free to choose to be: women with their own personality capable of everything they set their minds to.
The versatility of the modern woman is the light that guides our inspiration. Thus, we look to the future without leaving behind our most intrepid origins.
We firmly believe that every woman is different and this is what makes her stand out: at Luxenter we do not impose a style, we adapt to everyone.

A company is people .

We would never have come this far without so many good people who have supported and followed us unconditionally over so many years. As Carmen says, her A-Team .

We continue as a team working side by side with all of them. Luxenter is your team .


The place to feel at home .

This concept is closely linked to the essence of Luxenter, a Spanish family brand with more than 50 years of history whose ties are based on improvement, love and respect.


Commitment to charitable causes is a fundamental pillar at Luxenter.

We leave no one behind. We focus on projects such as supporting Breast Cancer through solidarity jewelry.