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Luxenter: brand philosophy

Our commitment is to make women's lives more beautiful.

Jewelry with the perfect image of “front now” minimalism due to the proliferation of crystals, stones, pearls and zircons carefully made by hand with mathematical precision using top quality materials, on 925 Sterling Silver.

Issue 2: Family

The place to feel at home

A concept closely linked to the essence of Luxenter, a Spanish family brand with more than 40 years of history whose ties are based on love and respect for and for women.

Created by and for women, its founder Carmen Lizarriturri embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in Africa in the 70s, becoming one of the first women to start a raw materials import business. From that moment on, Luxenter creates designs for women in each generation.

Issue 3: Design

Here we create jewelry that resists life

The process of creating a piece of jewelry begins with a sketch, a sketch, in which different materials such as silver and semi-precious stones are combined. Luxenter finds inspiration in its travels, in the street, in people... Each design is based on ready-to-wear through the continuous incorporation of new developments that reflect the brand's identity.

Issue 4: Trend

Design, tradition and style

At Luxenter we take care of everything from the design and production, to the marketing and distribution of the jewelry. Each phase of the process is supervised by a great team of people whose main objective is to create the best experience: we want all women to feel special wearing our designs.

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