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The trend is here that you won't be able to resist: piercings

Reinventing times

That this trend drives us all crazy is no secret, especially for those of us who grew up in the 90s where any occasion was perfect to pierce our nose, navel, tongue and even our eyebrows. They were part of a transgressive act typical of the most revolutionary classes.

However, as always, fashion returns, but this time to focus especially on the ears. If before it was a characteristic trend of the most 'underground' fashions, this time it is part of the most sophisticated jewelry that will make your ear the main protagonist of the look. Although as we always say, it always depends on the style you want to wear.

This trend that went viral from the publications that the influencers made on their social networks, has been adopted by all the young women who want to give a special touch to their outfits. At Luxenter we love to start dressing by the ears and here is the best example.

And the truth is that there are countless ways to wear these jewelry to create a perfect combination.

Decide how you want to decorate your ears

This can be the most difficult step because you will want to have all the piercings or, on the contrary, the one you enjoy the most, since you will choose the way you want to show off your ears. First decide what material you want to use: do you prefer 925 Sterling Silver and combine it with shiny zircons to give a transparent, diamond-like shine? Or, on the contrary, do you prefer gold plating with multicolored zircons with groundbreaking designs such as the animal or alphabet trend?

Taste is in variety and that is why at Luxenter we give you ideas so you can choose the one you like the most. You can decorate your ear with earrings that run from the bottom of the lobe to the helix. In this case, you can choose between small hoops or button earrings where you can choose the design that you like the most. We warn you, it is not going to be an easy decision.

New times, new piercings

Although we love the trend of adorning our entire ear with hoops or button earrings, it is part of a more traditional design. For this reason, we have escaped from the repeat offender to create new forms and ways of wearing our ears. This is the case of CLIMBING earrings and EARJACKETs. With their original shapes, they completely transform our look.

But we are not going to deceive you, we have the definitive earrings that have stolen our hearts and that we have not mentioned yet (although the previous ones fascinate us equally): they are the Khure earrings that have a double hook.

The neat and detailed design of these earrings with chains give a new impact to the new generations who have already seen it all in a mix of elegance and feminine sensuality.

And don't worry, if you're afraid of needles, don't worry: you can also take advantage of your ear with EAR CUFFS. These small jewels are placed from the middle part of the lobe to give a false appearance of a piercing that goes unnoticed: no one will notice

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