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Choose the Luxenter jewelry that best suits your personality and lifestyle

Ideal, Casual Chic, Lady and Wow.

What kind of Luxenter girl are you?

The Ideal style girl is one who tries to reflect her personality through fashion, so her wardrobe is made up of basic wardrobe items such as trench coats, striped shirts or jeans. For her, the quality of the garments is very important, which is why she invests in high-quality brands. However, she likes to give the finishing touch to her looks with more special and exclusive clothing and accessories. Its reference stores are Vestiaire Collective and Fartfecht.

For everyday life, the Luxenter jewelry that best matches the Ideal style girl belongs to the “ Night Glow ” collection. They are 925 Sterling Silver jewelry plated in 18K yellow gold or rhodium. Earrings with zircons, bracelets and zircon rings, these jewels will give the finishing touch to office looks.

For the evening, the Ideal style girl opts for jewelry from the “ Moments to shine ” collection, a set of very special timeless jewelry of classic inspiration that will never go out of style. Pearls, 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18k gold and zircons, this collection is ideal for special occasions.

The Casual Chic It has a very versatile, timeless and sensual style. She likes garments that fit the silhouette and enhance femininity, such as tight velvet dresses, leather-effect pants or strapless tops. With a groundbreaking style, the Casual chic girl combines trendy clothing with luxury accessories that demonstrate her social style.

In her daily life, Casual Chic prefers jewelry belonging to the “ Sea of ​​emotions ” collection, a collection in which pearls, zircons and 925 Sterling Silver jewelry plated in 18k gold prevail. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets, these jewels from the “ Sea of ​​emotions ” collection are perfect for going to work.

Casual Chic is a great lover of the “ Sea of ​​emotions ” collection and, once again, bets on them for the night. From pearls to hoop earrings, circular earrings and other amethyst zirconia earrings, all of them designed in 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18k gold.

The lady girl He is identified by dressing in a sophisticated, elegant and delicate way. With a very glamorous and minimalist style, the details lie in the accessories: small, discreet, feminine and very exquisite jewels. Follow one of the most viral trends and styles of 2023/2024, 'Old Money', a silent luxury in which the big brand logos become obsolete.

The most colorful jewels in “ Sea of ​​Emotions ” are those chosen by girls who follow the Lady archetype. Corals and gems, the jewelry combines everything from large hoops to maxi zircon rings, to teardrop earrings.

The WOW girl She is a woman who dresses in sustainable, daring and eye-catching garments. With great climate awareness and environmental commitment, she opts for vintage clothing from flea markets and hand-made stores. In addition, it has a very casual, simple and original style based on high-quality wardrobe basics that you find in these types of stores.

For everyday life, the WOW girl wears very simple basic clothes and adds a touch of color and light with accessories such as jewelry from the “ Trendy ” Collection. They are 925 Sterling Silver jewelry plated in 18k gold in a dark green tone that brings warmth and elegance to the face.

For the night, ebony jewelry with glitter details is an option that the WOW girl uses at her dinners and engagements. Combine Luxenter jewelry with tight-fitting garments, dark tones and fabrics such as knit, sheers and cotton.

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