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'Animal print' is a trend and so is our Night Glow collection.

Dare to wear it with our jewelry

Every season new trends emerge that, due to their virality, manage to make a place for themselves in the wardrobe of all fashion lovers. One of the trends that is sweeping stores is the 'animal print' pattern. We can find this print on countless garments, from ballet flats to jackets, coats and pants. This print looks exceptional with our Luxenter jewelry, so we give you some ideas to combine them this winter.

How to wear this print in our daily lives?

As this print is very original and striking, the ideal is that you wear it with simpler and more basic garments, such as a white shirt, a black sweater or an oversized blazer. The final touch lies in the accessories: ballet flats (the most worn footwear by all girls in 2024) and some jewelry.

This February Luxenter has launched Night Glitter , a collection inspired by the majesty of the starry night, fuses craftsmanship with design innovation. Each jewel in the new collection is an ode to the ethereal beauty and magical glow of the constellations. The collection brings together earrings , necklaces , rings and 925 Sterling Silver bracelets in 18k Gold finishes, as well as rhodium.

Which 'Night Glow' jewelry pairs best with this print?

The Nazki bracelets They are always an absolute success, since they are very simple and discreet, but they do provide that touch of color and light to our hands. A necklace like the model Pink zirconia hafai is the key, or, if you are a pearl lover, the necklace Ihri . What cannot be missing from your look are the rings. In this new 'Night Glow' collection from Luxenter we can find several models to choose from but, without a doubt, the ring Rikao is one of the best sellers.

If you like fashion and jewelry, you will fall in love with this proposal that combines the 'animal print' print and our Night Glow jewelry.

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