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Luxenter opens a new space created by and for women where you can find all our jewelry.

Located on Avenida Alcalde Ramón Pastor nº2, in El Corte Inglés in the city of Elche.

Hello Elche!

All jewelry and luxury lovers are in luck. Luxenter opens its doors with space inside El Corte Inglés, located on Avenida Alcalde Ramón Pastor nº2.

Luxenter is more than a jewelry brand, it is a universe full of sophistication and elegance in which pieces of jewelry are shaped with great care and love. Since its beginnings in 1972, whose founder Carmen Lizarriturri decided in Africa to investigate in depth about gemology, her great passion, she thus founded Luxenter as a family brand, innovative and a reference in the world of jewelry.

Luxenter is a journey that will begin the moment you try on the jewelry and that will never end, because Luxenter jewelry will accompany you throughout your life thanks to the quality, innovation and style of each one. their pieces.

So, if you live in Elche or near the city, do not hesitate to visit the Luxenter space in El Corte Inglés.

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