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In back of a jewel there is a process, a story : from inspiration , design and creation to the final product. Therefore, we want to tell you what the creation process of each of the Luxenter jewels is like so that you can discover their origin.

Inspiration for jewelry and each collection can come from different places: such as material, fashion trends and art itself.

A good starting point for jewelry it is the stone itself. The color, shape, shine or finish can be the starting point to start designing the jewelry. Knowing the material very well and knowing how to take advantage of the main characteristics and features gives rise to jewelry that acquires a touch and unique characterization .

Currently, the Fashion world is constantly changing . Therefore, we cannot leave aside the trends .

Interest and constant attention to trends as well as knowing what people want are a fundamental part of designing jewelry in the most versatile and modern collections. Inspirations taken from streetstyle and the most cutting-edge in the world of fashion that result in jewelry designs that become the most seen on the street.

Luxenter stands out for being a jewelry brand with more than 45 years of tradition, and that has to be reflected in the designs. There are classics of the brand that are a true hallmark and are a reflection of Luxenter's values. From these designs, pieces are reinvented or taken as inspiration, maintaining the character and style that comes from so many years of tradition.

But a collection is not complete until it is baptized Once the jewelry has been designed and with a very well-defined inspiration and line, a name is sought that reflects the characteristics of the collection.

At Luxenter, honoring the origins of the brand, all collections are renamed with an African word that is related to the inspiration of the jewelry. The final jewels are the result of this process that combines inspiration, tradition, design and trend . A process full of care and affection for each and every one of Luxenter jewelry .

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