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Creating a good look depends on an infinite number of factors, but the most important is the ability to combine different elements. In the universe of jewelry, we talk about layering. For this reason, Luxenter proposes some tips to give different lives to the necklaces you have in your closet.

He layering It's fashionable . This fashionable Anglo-Saxon term refers to the superimposition of layers, although it has been adapted to different areas such as jewelry. Building a look adapted to our personality, mood, or to attend an event, leads us to choosing different elements to complement it. The choosing the right jewelry It will give it the final touch.

Luxenter proposes some tips to create fun layering that is adaptable to any outfit.

STEP 1 : We will choose the main jewel that will guide us to choose the rest.

STEP 2 : For the next layer we suggest playing with materials or textures. A double chain or a choker will allow us to give a special touch.

STEP 3 : We suggest adding a pendant that creates a focus and attracts the eye.

STEP 4 : Rules were made to be broken. Colors, pearls or beads combined with minimalist chains will be our great allies and will allow us to create a reflection of our personality.

About the Kanan line from the Trendy collection

Creativity, design, curiosity, power, fashion and trend are words that inspired the Trendy Collection from Luxenter.

Shaped designs symbols and amulets which stand out for their striking combination of colored zircons with natural stones such as lapis lazuli and malachite. Creations with various shapes that pay tribute to authentic trend design.

The Kanan line highlights the midnight blue of lapiz lazuli, the veined green of malachite delicately combined with gold. Faithful to the values ​​of the collection, symbols such as suns, stars, nazars, crosses, are present in the line, to beautify us with earrings, rings and bracelets, in which the most mystical will find protection, luck, or simply good vibes.

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