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We help you complete the perfect packaging with these personalization tips for your Luxenter Mother's Day gift

Next May 5th we celebrate a very special day, the Mother's Day . This is a perfect opportunity to spend as a family and enjoy quality time together. For this reason, at Luxenter we have the perfect jewelry to give as a gift on this day. There are 7 collections that we have chosen for you to give as a gift on Sunday the 5th. While it is true that a few days ago we taught you how to wrap the jewel with the Japanese origami technique, today we teach you how to give it the final touch. Give free rein to your imagination by drawing and painting what reminds you of your mother.

We suggest you paint, in an elegant and beautiful way, your mother's initial. This will be a precious detail that you will greatly appreciate. Additionally, you can add a flower, taking advantage of the fact that we are in the spring season. As a final touch, write a special and loving note to your mother, showing her all your love and gratitude. Below we give you some ideas on how to personalize the gift for your mother and all the materials you need:

watercolor paper



Glass of water

Paper towel

Pencil and eraser



1. Draw with pencil what you want to paint, whether it's the initial or a design like a flower, a sun or something that reminds you of your mother.

2. It's time to take action: paint the drawing with watercolors or, if you want, with a pen.

3. Add the note to the jewel wrapped with the origami technique.

4. Your gift for Mother's Day will now be ready!

If you follow all these steps and you feel like it, share the final result in your Instagram stories and tag us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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