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We help you wrap your Luxenter jewelry with the Origami technique to succeed with your gift for Mother's Day

He Mother's Day is just around the corner and there is no better way to show the love we feel for our mothers by investing quality time with the whole family together. Next May 5 is a very special day, so, in addition to going out to eat, have a snack or enjoy at home, it never hurts to give our mothers a special gift. Luxenter It has seven collections chosen with great care that match perfectly with this beautiful day: Mom Collection, Trendy Hearts Collection, Pide Collection, Pearls Collection, Natural Stone Hoops Collection, Moments Collection and Personalized Jewelry Collection .

However, despite the fact that the jewel is the main gift, we can always personalize our gift to make it unique and much more personalized. For this reason, at Luxenter, we propose wrapping the jewel in a different way with the origami technique. Why origami? It is a Japanese technique that consists of folding and molding paper, achieving surprising shapes. It is a symbol of transformation and creativity, since each fold is a careful decision and each figure is a unique manifestation. Before you think it's hard, it isn't at all! Below we show you how to do it and the materials you need:


Gift paper (can also be origami paper, normal or waxed paper)

The box with the jewel inside.


Double-sided adhesive tape.

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