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During the weekend of January 26, the Luxenter teams traveled to Seville for the official presentation of their new collection. After a year of creation and innovation in their jewelry, they sought to position the brand as a reference in trend and design.

This 2024 Luxenter finds in the heart of Seville the perfect place to present to the media and its best clients the new collection for 2024 “Kumba”, what better place to host the great presentation than the Hotel Colón Gran Meliá, an iconic hotel that reflects the culture and essence of Seville and will witness in its large hall the parade of the brand's new pieces, as well as the exhibition and masterclass by makeup artist Lewis Amarante.


Luxenter would present its 6 new collections in a parade through the heart of the Gran Melía Colón Hotel and the person in charge of presenting and broadcasting it live would be the presenter and journalist Victoria Talero , who would join the Luxenter family for a day to give voice to the event and introduce the inspiring new lines.

To show off and wear the jewelry from the new collection as it deserves, each of the models was in charge of representing one of the new lines, creating the image of the new collection in the best possible way.

The models would accompany the new lines of the Kumba collection with a DimSpain outfit ideal to highlight the shapes and give space to the jewelry that was worn alone on the faces of the models, who like great professionals adapted their style and personality to the collection, fitting into the design concepts of each piece. To finish putting together this great afternoon, a reference in the world of makeup and beauty could not be missing, the professional makeup artist Lewis Amarante, who was chosen to color the faces of the new collection, taking this image to another level. The makeup artist has worked with the most recognized faces of our decade, doing makeup for artists like Madonna and Justin Timberlake or actors like Harrison Ford during his time on MTV, in addition to collaborating with Dior and big brands in the world of beauty.

All this means that there is no better person to accompany the brand in the presentation of one of its most iconic collections.

With all this, Luxenter created a great concept to share to launch these new lines that we present to you below.

New Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: "Kumba"

The first line that heads the new collection is undoubtedly the most iconic of the brand, and Atelier once again reinforces the craftsmanship that defines Luxenter:

1. Atelier: Where nature becomes art, immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship of our Atelier line. Here, we celebrate the majesty of natural stones such as turquoise, coral, fluorite and tourmaline.

2. Trendy: For modern and bold spirits, we present silver jewelry with multicolored zircons that will accompany you on every adventure. In addition, we explore the charm of malachite and lapis lazuli, offering you pieces that reflect the most current trends.

3. Africa: The greatness of silver jewelry, the Africa line transports you to a world of greatness. Here, enamels are combined with precious stones in stunning chain jewelry. Celebrate the richness of African culture with pieces that stand out for their size and elegance.

4. Moments to shine: Shine on every occasion, discover the line that invites you to shine in every special moment. Moments to Shine features silver jewelry that incorporates the dazzling radiance of mother-of-pearl and ebony.

5. Make a wish: Symbols of love and good fortune, charming and full of meaning, the jewelry of the "Make a Wish" line invites you to carry with you symbols of love and good fortune.

With this, Luxenter successfully closed a unique collection presentation that gave way to the beginning of the great year that is beginning for the brand.

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