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We spoke with our designer: Mercedes.

Behind every Luxenter piece there is a process very complex and delicate which is made up of different phases. Everything begins with the formulation of the general idea and is completed with its creation in our workshop.

Today we discover what the design process is like.

The process of creating a jewel at Luxenter begins with a key phase: its design . This process, naturally, is carried out by our Design team, in which Mercedes , like Jewelry designer , who has been with us for many years, gives free rein to her imagination. She shares with Luxenter her approach to designing:

When creating a new collection, I always strive to maintain the values ​​that define Luxenter: design, creativity and attitude. My goal is to merge these values ​​with the latest trends in the world of fashion and jewelry, ensuring that each piece reflects the unique essence of our brand.

From the first sketch to the final idea, the process is Full of creativity and exploration . Mercedes and its Design team work hand in hand to iron out every detail and ensure that each piece of jewelry conveys the elegance, style and values ​​of Luxenter.

Where do Mercedes and its team find inspiration?

We do a brainstorming session in which nature mixes with the latest fashion trends. We constantly look for new ideas and perspectives, we explore different techniques and materials that allow us to innovate with each design.

The end result is a elegant and sophisticated collection that captures the essence of Luxenter thanks to commitment and the dedication of the Design team.

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