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From the Mar de Emociones collection to Turmalina, Luxenter jewelry will accompany you in your most festival looks this summer.

Summer is coming and, with it, the most anticipated time for all fashion and music lovers. In this season that is about to arrive, the most iconic music festivals land in our country. From the most indie concerts to reggaeton concerts, including all those classical music concerts where you can spend a pleasant night, there are many festivals with which to enjoy good music according to our tastes this summer. But, beyond listening to our favorite singers, choosing the perfect look is very important. Therefore, it is very important to choose the perfect outfit. Ideally, you should choose a simple, comfortable and all-terrain look and give free rein to your imagination with jewelry. Luxenter has a wide variety of collections to choose from depending on your tastes, your personality and the festival you are attending.

For example, if you like fashion, you join the trends and bet on clothes that all the Spanish influencer girls wear, the Fluorite and Tourmaline collection is yours. Full of color, originality and joy, these will give the finishing touch to your most basic looks. But your style may be more elegant and you prefer classic, simple and timeless garments, so the Sea of ​​Emotions collection or our Pearls collection are the most suitable for you. With tones typical of the sea and the sunset, these will bring warmth, sophistication and joy to your most casual looks. However, if you want more discreet and minimalist jewelry, our Spring Amulets and Sky Amulets collection are a very good option.  Be that as it may, this summer 2024 will be the summer of festivals, so, if you already have your ticket and everything prepared, it is time to choose your Luxenter jewelry that will accompany you on your most anticipated nights.

Fluorite and Tourmaline Collection:

Kibak bracelet (79.90 euros)


Utuk Earrings (119.90 euros)


Sea of ​​Emotions Collection:

Cathame Ring (199.90 euros)


Nyba earrings (59.90 euros)


Amulets of Heaven Collection:

Dragonfly Earrings (39.90 euros)


Lok Necklace (59.90 euros)


Pearls Collection:

Eriok necklace (89.90 euros)


Nira necklace (79.90 euros)


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