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Last April 24, on an emblematic terrace in Madrid, our Mother's Day event took place together with the prestigious magazine

Coming soon, on Sunday, May 5, the Mother's Day , a very beautiful and special day in which all families get together and celebrate, in style, the dedication, pampering and care that our mothers have given us throughout our lives.

Without a doubt, this is a good day to celebrate. Therefore, in addition to being all together, it doesn't hurt to give them a very nice gift. that they always carry with them . That is why Luxenter, in collaboration with , have joined forces so that mothers and daughters can spend a quality afternoon together in which jewelry and everything that surrounds them are the clear protagonists.

Luxenter is a family jewelry brand with more than 50 years of experience whose objective is to create by and for women, placing emphasis on the quality and versatility of its jewelry. , for its part, is a magazine with a long history in which, in addition to learning about the latest fashion and beauty trends, you will discover stories of women who have marked a before and after in history.

The event, in a warm, cared for atmosphere and full of flowers, separates mothers and daughters. The mothers spent a pleasant time with each other getting to know the 7 Luxenter collections that we have chosen for this beautiful day. On the other hand, the daughters, who played a fundamental role in the event, were in charge of preparing the jewel that they received at the end of the afternoon.

The afternoon passed with two workshops:

The first, 'wrap your jewel', origami style . Why origami? Origami is a technique that consists of folding and molding paper to achieve surprising shapes. It is a symbol of transformation and creativity, since each fold is a careful decision and each figure is a unique manifestation. In this entire creation process, paper becomes more than just a material, it is a new form, a new life. We have selected three patterns that match perfectly with Luxenter and with the jewelry we gave as a gift: blue, green and orange-pink. With this artisanal technique, we combine the craftsmanship of origami with the delicacy and timelessness of jewelry, creating a set that the guests at the event will never forget.

The second part of the event, a watercolor workshop led by the artist Andrea Pedrosa . The daughters were the ones who, with the help of an artist, painted the initials with watercolors and something special that reminded them of their mothers: a flower, a star, a heart. Everything remains in the imagination of each daughter.

Among all the guests who also wanted to buy a Luxenter piece of jewelry and gain loyalty, they entered a draw for a jewelry box full of our Best Sellers valued at 500 euros. Congratulations to the winner!

Last April 24 was a wonderful day full of love, tenderness and joy between mothers and daughters that they will never forget.

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