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A collection inspired by the beauty of nature and the diversity of its colors, the fluorite and tourmaline gems are the protagonists.

In the middle of spring, at Luxenter we have launched our new collection, Fluorite and Tourmaline, which brings together the most colorful and original necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. They are perfect to wear with all your mid-season looks, whether to accompany your guest look or to go to the office with a simpler and more discreet style, providing a touch of color with your new jewelry. This collection has been designed to enhance the beauty of both gems, and its combination with silver makes it a timeless and very elegant collection.
Each of these gems has its own charm and uniqueness. On the one hand, fluorite, unique for its wide range of colors that range from green to purple, including blue. This precious stone is known for its ability to concentrate, becoming an amulet for all of us who seek balance in our daily lives.
On the other hand, tourmaline, a gem with a wide and fascinating range of colors ranging from light pink to the most intense green, symbolizing vitality and positive energy, in addition to being associated with healing and protective properties. Each jewel in our collection is an ode to nature and the diversity of shades that we can find in it.

The Fluorite and Tourmaline collection is an ode to joy and spring.

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