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10 essential Luxenter jewels for this spring

We have selected the 10 jewels that you cannot miss in your jewelry box this spring and with which you can give a different, elegant and very original touch to your looks.

With the arrival of spring , it is time to take out from the bottom of our closet all the most fresh, fluid and colorful with which to dress for the coming months.

We greet long dresses, linen shirts and denim shorts, garments that we cannot miss in our daily lives and with which we can create an endless number of very different looks. The same happens with jewelry, although it is true that in the coldest months of the year the jewelry in the collection Night Glow They have been the protagonists of our most winter looks, due to their brightness, cold tones and that sophisticated touch. With the arrival of spring, all fashion lovers look for more colorful, cheerful and fun jewelry perfect to accompany our outfits.

Therefore, we propose a total of 10 jewels from the latest collections that we have launched at Luxenter.

Whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry that adds the touch of color to your looks to go to the office as if you need a eye-catching accessory for a very special occasion for a wedding, communion or baptism (taking advantage of the fact that we are in the season of celebrations like these), Luxenter has the ideal jewel for you .

They are elegant, discreet and very versatile, these 10 jewels will become your faithful companions not only this spring 2024, but for many years to come.

Amulets of Heaven Collection

Lightning Earrings - €49.90

Amulets of Heaven Collection

Vados Bracelet - €24.90

Amulets of Heaven Collection

Virela Earrings - €29.90

Spring Charms Collection

Uris Earrings - €39.90

Spring Charms Collection

Dragonfly Necklace - €69.90

Trend Hearts Collection

Jedi Bracelet - €29.90

Trend Hearts Collection

Xirios Necklace - €59.90

Hoops Collection with Natural Stones

Salblai Earrings - €69.90

Sea of ​​Emotions Collection

Synaroz Bracelet - €99.90

Sea of ​​Emotions Collection

Nyba Earrings - €59.90

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