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The 6 keys to keep them like the first day.

When we talk about caring for your jewelry, it is clear that there are secrets that are passed from generation to generation, and many other basic ones that we all know, such as not using our perfumes directly on our jewelry, avoiding intense exercise with them on and keeping them away from chemical elements. and degrading substances such as bleach, alcohol or chlorine, but what precautions can be taken beyond these basics.

We bring you the guide to caring for your jewelry, a space where you can find the best recommendations when it comes to caring for your most precious pieces, how to avoid aging and how to remedy it in those pieces that have lost their shine due to use and time.

Proper jewelry care is essential to maintain its shine and durability over time.


It is clear that any piece of jewelry that we use in our daily lives will age and lose part of its shine due to use, but how can we delay this aging of our pieces as much as possible.

1. Avoid contact with chemicals: We start with the classics, avoid contact of jewelry with chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hair products and cleaning products. These products can damage the appearance of precious stones and metals and degrade their image. When cleaning, remove your pieces or use gloves that cover the most exposed pieces such as rings.

2. Remove jewelry before physical activities: Remove jewelry before doing physical activities, especially those of high intensity, such as exercising, cleaning or doing household chores. This will help us prevent wear and scratches on our most sensitive pieces, as well as preventing us from losing them due to fault. of the movement exercised in training.

3. Store jewelry properly: Store your jewelry in a clean place, it can be in a specialized case or in individual soft bags to avoid scratches. In the case of our silver jewelry, if we are going to store it for a long time, we must look for airtight bags to avoid oxidation of our pieces. . For our daily jewelry, a good option may be to find a basic jewelry case that allows us to store them in our most everyday activities.

4. Clean them regularly: Clean your jewelry regularly, many times it is inevitable to be storing your jewelry in daily activities such as exercise or cleaning tasks, which is why regular cleaning is another key that will help us in its maintenance, eliminating the substances and oils that can accumulate on them, we avoid the corrosive effects of these, cleaning can be easily done with a brush and a cloth that helps us eliminate the accumulation of materials on our jewelry.

5. Special care for gemstones: Not all jewelry requires the same care and maintenance, some stones must be protected more from direct blows and others from scratches, that is why we must inform ourselves and ask our trusted jewelry store what the needs of our most special pieces are, if not If you have trusted jewelry, stay on this blog where later we will see the cleaning of each type of material.

Periodic revision: Check your jewelry periodically to ensure that it has not suffered damage that we have not noticed. If this is the case, you can always count on goldsmith workshops that can help you restore your jewelry. At Luxenter we have specialists who can repair your jewelry after malformations due to impacts, stone replacement due to loss or scratches and many other situations that we can encounter in our daily life with jewelry.

By following these recommendations, you can extend the lifespan and maintain the original appearance of your jewelry. Also, remember that if you have specific questions about the care of a particular piece of jewelry, it is always advisable to consult with the jeweler who sold it.

And when it comes to cleaning our jewelry, we must clean them all the same or each one will have specific care. Stay to know the details about cleaning your silver, gold jewelry or those pieces with stones.


If you are still here it is because you are asking: How can I keep my silver jewelry as good as the first day? Well, here are the best tips on caring for your silver jewelry and the different types of homemade cleaning for our silver jewelry.

1. Clean your silver with baking soda and water: First we will mix the water and the baking soda, making a kind of paste with them, we will apply it to the jewelry with a chamois or soft toothbrush and then rub it to remove the oxidation and dirt from your jewelry. Lastly, rinse your jewelry well. piece with warm water and dry it carefully

You will need to: Baking soda, Water, Cloth or soft chamois/toothbrush

2. White vinegar and baking soda: Pour white vinegar into a cup, once you have covered half the cup, add two tablespoons of baking soda, we will place the jewel in the mixture and let it rest for two to three hours, once this time has passed we will remove the jewel from the cup. Mix and clean with a soft brush and then rinse with warm water.

You will need to: White vinegar, baking soda, soft brush and warm water

3. Lemon juice and salt: Squeeze the lemon until you get the juice and leave it in a container, then we will mix it with a teaspoon of salt, we will mix both components and again with a soft cloth we will gently rub the jewel, then we will clean the piece with warm water and dry carefully.

You will need to: Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of salt, soft cloth and warm water.

With these tips your tin jewelry will regain the shine of its first day and you will be able to wear it again.

For fine jewelry pieces such as gold or different precious stones, the recommendation is to always go to a professional to clean them. Your trusted jewelry store can recommend which one and at Luxenter we always make our after-sales workshop service available to our clients. where you can give a second life to your favorite jewel.

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