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On June 20, at El Corte Inglés in Santander, a Luxenter event took place in which its 25th anniversary was celebrated in the Cantabrian city.

The event, located in an idyllic room within El Corte Inglés, was decorated with a warm, cared for atmosphere and full of flowers, freshness and elegance. With a total of 11 TOP Luxenter clients from this city, personally invited to enjoy a very pleasant afternoon, all of them spent a very pleasant afternoon learning about the new products from Atelier and Trendy from Luxenter, having a 20% discount on both collections.

The afternoon passed in two parts.

The first, a brief introduction of the brand, Luxenter as a family jewelry brand with more than 50 years of experience whose objective is to create by and for women. Being present at El Corte Inglés for many years, both have joined forces to hold an event to thank their TOP clients for their loyalty and trust over time.

The second part, an origami-style 'wrap your jewel' workshop. Why origami? This is a technique that consists of folding and molding the paper, achieving surprising shapes. It is a symbol of transformation and creativity, since each fold is a careful decision and each figure is a unique manifestation. In this entire creation process, paper becomes more than just a material, it is a new form, a new life.

With all this, we have selected three patterns that match perfectly with Luxenter and the collection on display: blue, green and orange-pink. With this artisanal technique, we combine the craftsmanship of origami with the delicacy and timelessness of jewelry, creating a set that the girls invited to the event at El Corte Inglés in Santander on June 20 will never forget.

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