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The definitive (and most summery) guide to wearing your Luxenter jewelry according to the type of neckline.

It is very important to choose the right necklace according to the type of neckline we are wearing, as it can completely transform your look, going from a simple one to one that is much more attractive and  elegant. At Luxenter we have a wide variety of necklaces from different collections that fit perfectly to every style, occasion and personality. From the classic necklace from the High Jewelry Collection to the maxi necklace made of silver and flourite and tourmaline gems, the latest collection we have launched in the brand. Be that as it may, choosing the right necklace not only depends on our tastes, but also on the neckline of the shirt or T-shirt we are wearing. Therefore, we have made the definitive guide to choose the perfect necklace according to your neckline.

1.Round neckline.

For this type of neckline, short and rounded necklaces are perfect: choker necklaces, necklaces from the Perlas collection and all those that follow the type of neckline. These types of necklaces help maintain balance and prevent the look from looking disproportionate.

Round neckline: Iknas Necklace (149.90 euros)


2. V neckline.

This is one of the most flattering, and, therefore, the necklace we choose must be appropriate. For example, long necklaces are perfect for this type of neckline, as they help to visually lengthen the neck and draw attention to the neckline.

V neckline: Nyba Necklace (49.90 euros)


3. Halter neckline.

For this type of neckline, which already draws attention to the neck and shoulders, it is better to choose a necklace fitted to the neck. A simple choker or a very delicate necklace will be enough to complement without overloading the look.

Halter neckline: Nejad Necklace, 229.90 euros)


4. Bardot neckline.

The choker necklace fits very well around the neck and is therefore perfect for Bardot necklines.  These types of necklaces help balance the exposure of the shoulders and add a very elegant focal point.

Bardot Neckline: Tahu Necklace (199.90 euros)


5. Asymmetrical neckline.

For an asymmetrical neckline, it is better to opt for necklaces that are also asymmetrical or for simple and minimalist pieces that do not take away from the neckline.

Asymmetrical neckline: Rioka Necklace (69.90 euros)


Selecting the right necklace based on your neckline type not only enhances your look, but can also highlight your best features. Summer is a good time to experiment with different jewelry and necklines to find the one that best suits your style and occasion.

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