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Behind each Luxenter piece there is a complex process through which many different phases are passed, ranging from the formulation of a general idea and production to the final touch given in our Luxenter workshops.

The jewelry process begins with a design by our design group in which values ​​such as trends and the tradition that characterizes the brand are transmitted. From there, the process towards the final product continues advancing with the excellent work of the entire team.

The final jewel hides work in the Luxenter workshops carried out with delicacy, care and attention to small details. A know-how in the way of treating each piece, material or jewel. Without that attention to small details, Luxenter jewelry could not be so special.


Luxenter is a brand with history and that tradition is seen in the know-how and techniques used when treating the pieces. Within the collection we have many materials ranging from silver, precious or semi-precious stones, metals, leathers...


Each final jewel has a story, characteristics and ends up being the reflection of a complex process that has to be seen in the final product. So that the result is what we see, each of the pieces are treated with all the care and delicacy they deserve.

Each jewel hides a process that brings together our values ​​and ensures that the pieces reflect the most important things about Luxenter.
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