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Mar Flores surprises us with her gold bubble ring and teaches us how to combine your jewelry and bag in the best way.

Luxenter gold bubbles collection:

Each piece is created and designed with the best materials, adding value to your style and luxury in your combinations. Designed specifically for this, the gold bubbles collection was born, made up of pieces in both gold and silver, adding a space of glamor in the parts of our rings formed by smooth silver bubbles.

These smooth silver bubbles are combined with dazzling high-quality zirconia stones, giving the piece elegance and sophistication.

Versatility is the word that defines how these elements coexist in the same piece, the smooth silver bubbles and the dazzling zircons make up our jewelry collection that has the bubbles as the protagonist.

Now that you know the gold bubble collection and all its details; Would you know how to combine these jewelry with your favorite bag?

On this occasion, the model and presenter Mar Flores gives us a perfect example of how to combine her orange bag with one of our dazzling zircon rings and fit both pieces together perfectly.

And if you still don't know how to combine your bag with your favorite rings, here is a guide with five tricks to combine them in your look:

1. Balance in size and quantity: It is very normal that, because we want to show off our favorite jewelry, we try to use them all on the same occasion, make sure to select the ideal jewelry, many times a simpler jewelry will create a more balanced and dazzling look.

Accompany them with your bag for the occasion and make sure that the elements do not eclipse each other. When we opt for a larger bag, it is a better option to combine it with more discreet and elegant jewelry.

2. Be careful with the colors: When it comes to combining the colors of your bag and rings, try to look for colors that combine with each other for a harmonious look, or take a risk and choose colors that contrast elegantly with your bag.

3. Adjust the style and occasion: To achieve harmony in our look, it is important that our pieces combine in style. If the bag is more casual, choose more casual jewelry for this occasion that will make your outfit maintain coherence. Also, make sure to adapt your look to the occasion, varying it according to the formality of the event, take advantage of your most refined jewelry to combine with dark bags at formal events, and let your imagination fly with more fun jewelry on more informal days.

4. Highlight a piece: When we are at the moment of preparing our look, decide on the main piece, many times your rings will shine on their own, you will just need to find a bag to accompany it, and vice versa, find your main jewel and let it shine with more discreet accessories.

5. Find your own style: Get your favorite jewelry and look for the combination that you like the most, find your own style and shine on your own, showing off your looks with personality.

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