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Luxenter's latest signature collection is inspired by the inherent sophistication that brings to life unique and diverse femininity. Designs made with top quality materials, which together with their spring-inspired colors create magic, a magic that provides light and luminosity.

The photos for this collection were taken to make us dream, in a way that inspired our brand values ​​and reflected the essence of the collection. When a campaign is carried out it is to be able to read images, so that each gesture and each jewel transports us to a place.

These types of shootings require a lot of prior planning by our team, we work hand in hand looking for inspiration in images, phrases and concepts that summarize what we want to convey. In this case we wanted to transmit magic, feeling and the importance of female diversity, how we are all beautiful with our small differences.

We chose models with that energy that we want to transmit, they are girls who carry feminine diversity in their essence and fit with this concept of different beauty, we plan the looks in the same way, from informal looks to arranged looks depending on the collection and we decorate the space with all the inspirations found.

A team made up of communication, image, photographer and makeup artists is already formed and ready to transmit the essence of each jewel. It is essential to have everything organized and prepared in advance, and that's where the magic begins, the camera starts shooting. We hope that you love this collection, it inspires you, and it inspires you.

After all, it is a collection inspired by you, women, for each and every one of them.

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