Designs for today women.

Luxenter was founded in the seventies focused on becoming a reference brand in the jewelry world, offering new and attractive designs in the stores.

Luxenter has evolved during the last years until find the perfect balance between strong values such as love, family or tradition and the constant adaptation to changes on the jewelry world.


Make women’s life more beautiful.

Luxenter pays tribute to women’s beauty, which is passed from generation to generation, keeping intact in each of them.

At Luxenter we create unique, contemporary and femenine jewels for today’s women, designs that express women’s wishes through beauty in details.


From generation to generation.

Luxenter origins are established in Africa on the seventies, when Carmen Lizarriturri embarks on the adventure of her life and began a business of importing raw materials that will become in a reference on jewelry world.

Luxenter designs has evolved over the years, taking inspiration from trends to finally create jewels aimed to women of different styles and ages.

Today Luxenter is a large global company with presence in more than 30 countries through a network of sixty exclusive stores and 1.200 points of sale between shop-in-shop, travel retail and partners.



Everyone counts.

From the design to production, even marketing and distribution of jewels in Luxenter we take care of everything around our jewels. Each phase of the process is supervised for a big team of people whose aim is to create the best shopping experience, we want that all our clients feel special wearing our designs.