More beautiful than ever

Luxenter pays tribute to women’s beauty which is passed from generation to generation keeping intact in each of them. Our compromiso is make women’s life more beautiful.



From generation to generation

A concept closely linked to Luxenter essence, a Spanish family brand with more than 40 years of history which ties are based in love and respect.


Jewels with soul

The process to create a jewel begins with a sketch, the drawing in which we combine different materials such as silver and semiprecious stones that will become and exclusive, elegant and femenine design.



Designs for today women

Luxenter finds inspiration traveling, on the street, on people… Each design is based on prèt-à-porter through the continuous incorporation of new jewels that reflect our brand identity.



Everyone counts

The commitment to solidarity causes is a mainstay in Luxenter. Focused on projects related to women such as support against breast cancer through the solidarity jewel.