Luxenter closes 2018 with 25% growth

Luxenter closes a succesful 2018, which can be summarized on the expansion expectations achivements that were fixed at the beginning of the year by the executive comittee.

The most relevant figure thrown by the economic closing is a 25% growth in the billing achieved by the brand. Fantastic news for Luxenter team, currently formed by eighty five employers in its headquarters in Madrid, in addition to another 70 people who formed the sales team in shopping centres and own stores.


Luxenter has new central offices in the Spanish capital, a four-story building with more than 1500 square meters. Located in Paravicinos Street, the jewelry brand has been installed in a building that brings together financial, design, production and direction functions to increase communication between departments and the effectiviness of the actions carried out. Thus it has been proposed to meet the growing demand of the network of stores in a better way and also strengthen their services. A flagship up to this small jewellery gigant.


One of the main focuses along this exercise has been the store openning. At the end of this year, the brand added a total of 48 own points of sale nationalwide, which represents an increase of 11% compared to 2017.

Abroad, its presence has also been reinforced with new markets opening and the consolidation of others where Luxenter was already present. With the opening of eleven new stores, six franchises among which stands up one in the best mall in the Caribbian, Plaza de las Americanas in San Juan of Puerto Rico and 5 own stores in El Corte Inglés.

Besides Puerto Rico, some of the most important openings of the year are shop in shops and corners style, like those in Centros Fallabella in Colombia, CC Pyrinées in Andorra and Sears y Siman in El Salvador. The combined invesment reaches one million euros destinated to this expansion and opening policy. In addition, to achieved a unified image it has been included the renovation of furnitures in the main centers of El Corte Inglés, as Nervión, Duque or Murcia.


The brand strategy has sought in reinforce retails sales which has increased compared to last year results by 50%.

By 2019, Luxenter plans at least 13 new stores openings in Spain and 1 abroad (in Ulaan Baator, capital of Mongolia). This strategy expects to excel the 2018 billing, supported  over all in the consolidation of this expansion policy begun in 2018 and which will be deepened throughtout 2019.