Luxenter condenses the exoticism of the seabed in Samaya

The new collection Samaya is carried away by the sea current and presents a series of proposals inspired by the chromatic and luminous richness of the seabed and the Caribbean fauna.


We present the new collection named with the word, Samaya. A term that in the language of the isolated tribes living around the Mandara mountain of Sudan and Nigeria, means “heaven”. An open concept that invites you to dream, like the jewels that compose this proposal full of joy, brightness and colour.

The colour palette of the collection takes the intensity and variety of tones from any sunset or sunrise of the African “Samaya”. The most interesting aspect of these new designs are these tones also repeated on the seabed, thanks to the power of the light and its reflection. Our eyes marvelled with blues, turquoises, reds, oranges or yellows present in the sky and sea. The world we inhabit is framed by the beauty of both worlds, bonded together by light.

With a modern and casual appearance, each jewel surprise us, making Samaya an essential collection for women who want to express their personality and mood through significant accessories as the jewels.

Lara Alvarez

Lara Alvarez continues her successful collaboration of previous campaigns reflecting the fabulous personal moment that the journalist is going through, combining jewels with a relaxing style with another with a folk and boho accent.

Close, direct and spontaneous. This is Lara Alvarez and the way she has designed her collection, with jewels that make fun nods like the shapes of stars, moons, planets or even Orux eyes, which bring good luck to us.

For this collection, we have decided to highlight the power of the white zircon, in all its finishes and colours, as a way to capture the funniest and most intimate spirit of Lara. We neither ignore, the recognized naturalness of its character, which inspires the addition of natural stones, such as turquoise, jasper and lapis.


Our haute couture line always stands out for refinement designs and elegant colour combinations in tones of precious stones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby. There is also room for the power of coral, that is combined with vibrant orange, turquoise, purple and cyan tones of natural stones to create classic jewels with a contemporary touch. Among all motifs it highlights the peacock, a classic symbol of good luck and protection; as well as the novelty of gradient quartz that brings an architectonic essence to the designs.

The care in the elaboration of each jewel results in a perfect line for sophisticated and exquisite women. Atelier is synonymous of timeless taste, evolving at the rhythm of catwalks around the world.

Time to shine

Inspired by the light of the feminine beauty, this collection always reserves a special place to all jewels that make women shine.

Flattering jewels designed to complement any special occasion where silver and white zircon are the protagonists. For this season, we propose minimalist and luminous designs, which as a novelty include yellow zircon that reminds to the yellow diamond use in classic high jewellery.

Using delicateness and subtlety as a reference, this line perfectly combines timeless designs with more innovative pieces.

Make a wish

Optimism and youth are synonymous of this collection. This season, Make a wish is completely renewed with designs taken directly from the trendy street style.

Although in previous collections these small amulets, which serve as an expression of women desires to the person using them, were embellished with white zircon; for this occasion, pieces become more polished and smoothed, giving relevance to the shine of silver in earcuffs, piercings, earrings, medals and symbolic details.

With a strong urban character, the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings of Make a wish are perfect to transmit positive vibes, so they are perfect for giving to another or even for yourself.


The collection that reminds our origins present great novelties this summer, like the addition of new materials as resin or wicker. Both provide lightness in XXL pieces without playing their visual impact down. They are the big protagonist of this line with a sophisticated finish which also stands out the purity of gems.

The bold combination of shapes, textures and exotic materials gives full rein to our wildest side. Perfect jewels for women with personality, daring and not afraid of wearing pieces with such a personality.