Luxenter presents it new BAOBAB collection

Luxenter presents its new Baobab collection

The name of the legendary african tree involves the philosophy behind our new proposals to inspire love.

Well known african sacred tree, baobab, synthetizes the concept behind our new collection for this upcoming Fall/Winter season. The baobab tree is considered a highlighted symbol for the african society, because around this tree, the decisions and the shared experiences are taken and lived by all the members of the clan. In several occasions, its growth has marked the creation of a new community, that’s why among the related values to its figure, we can find unity, nature and solidarity.

Having as an omnipresent reference the creation of contemporary jewels with plenty of profound meanings, we have reached a new step including in our new collection this sacred values associated to the baobab, and that is why we have chosen this name for the collection.

Multicolor microsetting zircons are the absolute main characters to communicate these messages. In these new proposals, they adopt sizes and colors we have never seen before, to result in an explosión of joy and positivism.

With a contemporary and carefree attitude, every piece hides an original design, making Baobab a must have collection for women who want to differenciate themselves and to express their personality through small details like jewels.

Lara Álvarez collection

Lara Álvarez continues her career collaborating with us by lending her image and personality to the configuration of a homonymous collection that perfectly reflects her own character: strong and sweet; independent and close.

As the individual taste of the well known tv host, in this proposal we can see ethnic lines combined to romantic and rocker ones. Jewels with shapes of snakes, moons and horns, perfect to combine among them, are added to the characteristic feathers and

stars from the past collection to compose a look to nature in a new modern and minimalistic language.

Atelier collection

Our Haute-Couture line is always highlighted by the originality of its designs and the exquisite combinations of colors of precious stones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies. All these tones are combined in pieces with classic designs but with a breaking color synthesis that gives the contemporary touch. Among all the motifs, the highlight trends for this season are the depurated geometric shapes with a clean and urban touch.

The care in the manufacture of each piece results in a perfect line for sophisticated and elegant women. Atelier is synonymous with fashion, evolving at the pace set by the catwalks around the world.

Time to shine collection

Inspired by the light that radiates femininity, this special collection has been designed to make women shine on special occasions. Timeless and flattering jewelry in which plain silver and rose gold plated silver jewels adds to the binomial black&white or the luminosity provided by the use of zircons of different cuttings (baguette, bright, marquise, pear) and sizes to interspersed this season in unusual and attractive combinations. With the ideal of classic elegance as a reference, this line perfectly combines designs that resist the passage of time without flinching with other more innovative pieces.

Make a wish

Carefree and fun are the words that first come to mind when viewing this collection. This season once again presents in its designs an alternative to its usual metal finish including colorful pieces using zircons. Innovative motifs full of positivity like rainbows, fun dinosaurs, arrows, significant infinite and festive snowflakes make up a selection of pieces with messages that this time present themselves with an even more youthful character. Small amulets that serve as an expression of the wishes of the woman who uses them.

Africa collection

The African continent brings us back to the wildest side of our personality in this collection. The pieces with dotted finish and strong geometry design are the main characters of this line, which combines new materials with raw finishes.

The risky combination of shapes, textures and exotic materials unleashes our freest facet. In addition, as a novelty for this season, we present pieces with multi-thread finishes or with meshes to obtain a retro-futuristic aesthetic, together with bamboo and knot patterns, which highlight women with the most extravagant tastes.