All require a special type of care to ensure their conservation. Following our advice, you will prolong the durability of the jewels.

Jewels must guard carefully, whatever are their composition. They are pieces of great value and in most cases very delicate, so we must treat them with the utmost care.

The first thing we have to know is that the pieces will preserve better if we keep them always in its original case. It is a common mistake to mix all single parts in jewelers because of the contact with other jewellery often causes scratching. The jewelry should be stored separately, wrapped in soft tissues to prevent chafing.

Luxenter kits are suitable to keep them in perfect condition. If you stored it in a box, you must ensure that jewels are always in separate compartments.

In case you have any questions about the status of your jewelry, we recommend you contact Luxenter, we will be happy to help you whenever you need.


These jewels tend to get a little darker as a reaction to sun exposure, excessive light and clearly by the natural PH of the skin. They can also be damaged by cosmetic products such as perfumes, creams and not to mention salt. To keed Luxenter silver jewels in optimum conditions cleaning sessions can be carried out periodically. In order to do this, we recommend using warm water mixed with a drop of soap and clean the piece very gently with a toothbrush. It could also be done with a silver cleaner that not contains any kind of abrasive component.

This procedure is recommended for silver jewels except those containing leather, wood or pearls since these materials cannot be wet or rubbed. For this reason it is recommended only for metal parts.


Best way to clean and keep this kind of jewels is with a cotton cloth. It is ideal to do this periodically to avoid dirt accumulation specially if the piece has reliefs or cracks. If the jewel is in very poor conditions you can use a little neutral soap and warm water, you should clean the whole piece very gently. At the end you have to dry the jewel with a cloth.

You have to be careful if the piece has leather, stones or crystals and pay attention to the care that these materials require.


These jewels particularly require a very special and exhaustive care because they are materials that are easily affected by external components. For this reason, is highly recommended to avoid contact with abrasive surfaces as well as with substances that contain alcohol, acids, detergents, etc. These pieces can be cleaned using flannels to clean metals, you have to make sure that they are for cleaning not for polishing.

If jewels are very affected you can use a little water or neutral soap that does not contain abrasive factors.

Jewels must guard carefully, whatever are their composition.


Stones can affect each other if they are stored in the same place causing them to lose shine and color. They can also be attacked by cosmetic substances and the PH of the skin. It is very important to treat very carefully those jewels with big stones because are very susceptible to blows and falls.

A constant check of the settings must be made to ensure that the stones are not loose. To keep them in good condition you should not leave the jewels within reach of children. They should be cleaned gently with a little water and a special cloth completely smooth. Likewise, it is necessary to avoid that the stones are exposed to direct light.


It is advisable to keep them away from chemical substances such as perfumes, detergents and alcohol. Since it is a stone with a strong inclination toward dehydration it is recommended not to leave it in direct contact with direct heat sources. We suggest to check regularly the stringing of the beads to avoid losses.


For the usual care of pieces that contain this material it is advisable to clean them slightly with soap or neutral moisturizer, without alcohol or dyes, this must be specified on the label. In any case, excessive use of water or other liquids should be avoided.


The cleaning of this material does not go beyond passing a clean cloth. Although the resin can be more resistant than a semiprecious stone, it is advisable not to wear jewelry to perform household chores such as gardening, as well as when doing sports activities.


Jewelry containing this material should be handled with great care. To clean it, simply wipe it with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to avoid leaving damp on the piece. It is important to avoid strong blows and falls, as well as extreme temperature changes.

The jewelry should be stored separately, wrapped in soft tissues to prevent chafing.