A wide variety of earrings to satisfy all tastes.

A selection of silver earrings beautified with different white zircon settings and a variety of shapes, from hoops and stars to prongs.

Taking as a reference the femenine ideal and the multiple faces that women adopt it their daily life, Luxenter has designed a wide variety of earrings to satisfy all tastes: classic, sweet, contemporary, discreet, fancy or sophisticated among others. These jewels not only will be love for different types of women and styles, but also are a must to have in your jewellery box.

Made of silver and white zircon with different settings such as baguette or marchise, these earrings are like those basics that you never stop wearing because they suits you very well. Designs like hoops, crosses, elements of nature like clovers, flowers and leaves, prongs and hearts. A whole range of possibilities that will allow you to wear always Luxenter.

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