In Luxenter the jewels are, as for the women who wear them, our way of expression. Only one of our jewels will have the following life:

-It will be shaped until the thought silhouette is obtained.

-The jewel is welded to complete its final form.

-The design is completed with a 18-carat gold bath or polishing the Ley 925 beach, our main material, thus guaranteeing the longevity of our jewels.

-Mount and add the latest details: stones, zircons, pearls, …

-Travel and have experiences with each person who decides to buy it.

And between each of those steps, there will be a person in charge of having the best quality: only that way will we be able to create the perfect jewel.




In the workshop of Luxenter, a cozy space reserved for creativity and imagination, the process of creating a jewel begins. For Luxenter each phase, from the search for inspiration, through the completion of the sketch or modeling, requires the utmost care and demand in the details. Our jewels are handmade by artisans, so each piece is unique.

Luxenter collections take inspiration from art, nature, cities, … a scenario on which a set of jewels is created that will shape the lines that make up the Luxenter family.