My story begins in San Sebastian, city where I was born in 1948 and where I spent part of my childhood together with my parents and my 4 brothers.

Thanks to the profession of my father, who was an industrialist, we had to travel regularly to Madrid. There, years later, I met the love of my life, José Antonio Moreno, and I knew that with him I would form the wonderful family that I have now. He was a charismatic man, an entrepreneur by profession, who lived on horseback between the Central African Republic and Mozambique where he had a company of safaris and a business of products from the African continent.

In 1972 I launch myself on the adventure of my life, took all my things and moved to a camping in the Central African Republic.

It was a very quiet life, although not very comfortable to get around because everything was natural trails. Nevertheless adapted very easily to the rhythms of the continent but I needed something to do while I waited for Jose Antonio to return from his safaris, so we decided to start a small business of importing raw materials.

At that moment, I felt a tingling and curiosity by the semiprecious stones and its use in the high jewelry.

The brilliants, the emeralds and the rubies, so iconic of Africa, became the star element of my first collection. We still did not know but that was the beginning of Luxenter.

However, life hit us hard. In 1976 and after 3 years of happy marriage, I became widowed. At that moment, I was enjoying a few days in Madrid, with my children Ivan and Mencía. It was such a really hard time but I felt that I could not give up, I felt that I owed something to my husband so I decided to continue our dreams and I went deep into the world of jewelry.

I start to design the collections between squelches and reminiscent that are reflect in silver line.

The brilliants, emeralds and rubies were mixed with gold to create unique pieces that recreates de culture of the continent, that one I knew it perfectly, that one is still present in Africa actual collection. That same year Luxenter opened its first store at Calle Claudio Coello 82, then the new beginning of our family would start.

After the incorporation of my children into the family business, we began a phase of rejuvenation, replacing gold with silver, diamonds with zirconia and gemstones by semiprecious, increasing our target, but without losing an ounce of luxury and quality of high jewelry.

This step forward opened space to new lines according with the evolution of women, full of color and more carefully designed for special occasions.

Thanks to my husband’s dreams, the strength and support of my family and the dedication of my children, to this day, we are a great company with more than 1.000 new designs a year. We have more than 800 points of sale in Spain and around 400 points abroad. It has also given me the opportunity to work hand in hand with great designers like Hannibal Laguna or artists like Edurne and Lara Álvarez to create capsule collections that reflect their personality but with the Luxenter essence.